Bippit Case-study

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Problem: Experts in delivering financial wellbeing, Bippit needed help defining their go-to market strategy and validating some of the initial assumptions that would take them closer to product-market fit, as well as guidance on whether to start with a B2B and B2C approach.

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Solution: We created a go-to-market strategy for them, including both a B2B and B2C approach and recommended to start with the B2B strategy due to budget constraints. We created a growth marketing and content strategy which included content such as guides, SEO-friendly blog content and a brochure that would support our cold outreach campaigns. We also implemented a cold B2B email sequence for automatically sourced LinkedIn leads and a series of event-triggered email automations for their end-users.


In this 3-month long project, we managed to:

  • Elaborate and set up the whole marketing strategy

  • Validate some of the product assumptions

  • Challenge some of the product limitations based on user testing, and generate some initial B2B leads, with our B2B cold outreach campaign.

Check out Bippit here: