EtonX Case-study


Problem: EtonX, a new e-learning project by Eton College, wanted to promote their first course - 'Making an Impact' - to teenagers in Russia and Kazakhstan. The course content focused on soft skills development and was new to the audience. We had to not only promote the course, but also explain its unique value.

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Solution: We carefully studied the content and broke it down into a number of messages highlighting the main benefits of the course. Each message was tailored to a unique audience segment, including parents and the students themselves.

We developed a marketing campaign to work across social media most relevant to the Russian-speaking audiences, as well as a paid search campaign. After market research, we began using Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

We implemented content plans for each social media channel, creating and managing accounts on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, and regularly updating organic content and driving engagement. The main aim of our organic activity was to generate interest and educate the audience about soft skills and the course benefits. 

To build on this, we created and launched paid advertisement targeting the audience primarily by age, geography, and other relevant criteria. 

Results: During the first 3 weeks, we managed to achieve almost 2 million impressions, several thousand clicks, and a number of registrations. This justified further marketing investment into the territories.

By the end of the "Making an Impact" course promotion, EtonX highlighted that the Yay!Starter marketing campaign demonstrated a very efficient acquisition of users in the new territories.

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