Paybase Case-study


Problem: Paybase, a Fintech startup, was an unknown brand that wanted to go to market with their B2B2C payments solution, targeting specifically early-stage platform businesses, Fintechs and cryptocurrency businesses. Their marketing strategy was yet to be defined and  they wanted to increase their brand awareness and generate inbound leads.

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Solution: We created their go-to-market strategy, a structured marketing and content strategy centered around growing their brand awareness and generating inbound leads as well as helping them build their in-house marketing team.


Through our growth marketing strategy we managed to achieve:

  • A considerable increase in inbound lead generation, providing them with enough inbound sales qualified  leads resulting in the sales team not having enough time  to do any cold email outreach. For example, we ran a series of paid advertising campaigns that generated over 30 inbound leads monthly, with a conversion rate of 18% from MQLs to SQLs (above B2B industry average). 

  • A 38% increase in landing page conversions thanks to a whitepaper we created as part of our detailed content marketing strategy supporting our paid advertising, social media marketing, PR and blogging.

  • Through events and PR, we managed to increase their brand awareness to get to a point where they won various awards. By creating the Founders’ Workshop Community (ex-Paybase Workshop), which is a space for Founders of platforms businesses to learn and collaborate with fellow platform economy founders, we were able to reach a £3.5 CPL. We’ve hosted six events for them, addressing the most difficult challenges faced by two-sided marketplaces, including a presentation Jessy did on digital marketing techniques for platforms in June 2019.

  • We managed the entire website redesign project, including a completely new brand identity, creation of animations and SEO-focused website copy.

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