RBA International Case-study


Problem: RBA International is an e-learning training provider in the retail banking space, offering professional certifications to banks for their employees. Originally, their offering was predominantly B2B, mostly driven by the in-house sales team but they wanted to expand the B2C side of their business by offering their certifications directly to individual retail bankers.


Solution: We put together a marketing strategy that focused on B2C clients acquisition and centered around paid advertising (Google and Social), content marketing, email automation and bringing the business up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends.


Thanks to our B2C marketing strategies, we managed to:

  • Increase their brand awareness within retail banks around the world by creating a membership body as part of one of our campaigns to increase the incentive for individual retail bankers to join the academy on an individual basis

  • Increase the B2C sales by over 35% in year 1. Our paid advertising campaigns generated an increase in the lead conversion rate of 28%, with the support of an email automation funnel and nurturing programme 

  • Grow their social media following by over 150% within a year

  • Complete a website restructure and optimisation (despite the limited budget for website development) to provide a better user experience and improve the website conversion rate

  • We have saved the organisation thousands of pounds in website development costs by implementing a new payment method (instalment plans) within the e-commerce website, without costly tech changes. 

Check out RBA International here: https://www.rba.international