thelittleloop Case-study


Problem: thelittleloop is a rental marketplace for sustainable children's clothing that is on a mission to revolutionise the children’s clothing space by removing wastage and protecting the planet. When we started working with thelittleloop, they needed support defining their buyer personas and testing the messages they expected to resonate with each of these personas.  They also wanted help with defining their key business metrics, setting up accurate tracking, creating their marketing and more importantly content strategy and creating their email marketing automations.

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Solution: We set up a marketing and content strategy, and conducted a user research campaign to identify whether the assumptions that were made about their buyer personas were sound but also create content related experiments to test those assumptions (copy, landing pages, blogs, guides, social advertising, etc.). Along with that, we optimised the content we created for each persona, elaborated a strategy based on channel partnerships and digital PR to increase their brand awareness and created a series of event-triggered email automations.


In the first 4 months of our work with thelittleloop, we managed to:

  • Increase their understanding of their ideal customer profile (ICP), by running and analysing a user-research campaign

  • Increase their subscriber base 

  • Increase their brand awareness through national press coverage, running social media competitions

  • Successfully create a content plan that was focused on the main two buyer personas they identify as their key target audience.

Check out thelittleloop here: