Tiny Whale Case Study - Pay Per Click Advertisement


Problem: Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, a surfing holiday centre based in Portugal, wanted to promote their holiday packages and register full bookings through the summer and autumn. It was their first season after a big renovation, and time was of the essence as we started work in June to help put bums on seats (and feet on surfboards!).

Tiny Whale provides a week-long surf holiday experience, complete with training, accommodation, and food. Our goal was to fill as many main holiday package slots as possible while simultaneously marketing the several specialty packages Tiny Whale provides.


Solution: We started by segmenting our messaging into multiple pay per click ad campaigns to promote Tiny Whale’s unique packages and features. We created a last-minute deal campaign to drive short-term conversions, as well as separate PPC campaigns promoting specialty surf packages and value-adding benefits of the main surf package, such as coaching.

We assessed our audience based on data from Tiny Whale’s previous seasons, creating a detailed map of the locations and demographics which our ads would target. We tailored our campaigns to each individual audience and launched all the campaigns through Facebook, Instagram and Google PPC ads (both Search and Display).

Working with Tiny Whale, we developed a detailed schedule for our deal promotions, timing updates to creative and copy elements to coincide with sales pushes.

As the campaigns progressed through the summer, we conducted regular analysis to further define our audience and increase our ads’ cost-effectiveness. Beginning in June, we implemented a new Google Ads strategy with the goal of driving down the average cost per click on all ads. We accomplished this, and by August had decreased cost on Tiny Whale’s Google ads by 80% and increased clicks by 500% while remaining within the original budget!  

During this time, we tested variations on creative elements and demographic targeting in our ads to determine optimal messaging strategies. We saw particular success with our remarketing campaigns, which targeted audiences who had previously visited the website or followed Tiny Whale on social media. Though given only a small part of the pay per click budget, these ads resulted in large increases in clicks and submitted inquiries.

Results: By the beginning of September, all available slots for Tiny Whale’s holiday packages had been fully booked through the end of October - almost 2 months ahead of schedule. By this time, our pay per click ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google garnered nearly 1.3 million impressions and over 20,000 clicks. 

Our work with Tiny Whale highlighted the importance of regular analysis and fine-tuning to achieve maximum effectiveness in paid online advertising. We are looking forward to the next season with them!

Check out Tiny Whale here: https://www.tinywhalesurflodge.com/